1. I’ve been wanting some really flowy, “hippie” type shirts for spring and AE has a few that I might try out. I generally stay away from “younger” stores but I think AE has some great essentials and clothes that don’t have their logo that would look fine on any age.

  2. AshinMT

    I have been wanting a cute button front dark denim (wish much) jean skirt to wear with my Ariats all summer, along with some crisp white flowy country girl tops. Also, some flattering olive khaki material pants for casual evenings. Who am i kidding though, i usually want at least one (well fitting) of “everything”- because i can never make up my mind and my style changes day to day…. ohh… to have an unlimited shopping budget….

  3. maryz

    Oh my gosh! I just bought the pink top from Express last weekend. I love it and I already wore it this week! I cannot wait for Spring!

  4. Mary Frances

    You are so smart and disciplined to look ahead; however, sometimes when you see something you just absolutely love and have been thinking about and unable to previously find, it is better the grab it up before it is sold out. Gone are the days where stores purchase lots of extra inventory for you to wait for mark downs. It still happens, but not always on the best/cutest stuff.

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