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Dark, Stormy, Nutty

Posted on Jun 11, 2011 | 1 comment

I love this whole having time on the weekends thing. I think I’m still recovering from being booked during the month of May. Despite the chilly weather, Friday even was nice and relaxed. I met Matt downtown afterwork and we grabbed a drink at the Intercontinental Hotel. We had planned on sitting outside on the water at one of the new Seaport restaurants, but decided it was too cold and windy.

IMG_4983.JPG IMG_4981.JPG

I still enjoyed a nautical drink – a pineapple twist on a traditional dark and stormy. Also, the spiced nuts were wonderful and we accidentally finished off this martini glass before dinner.

IMG_4984.JPG IMG_4985.JPG

Once home, we warmed up with a Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout. It was fabulous and made me miss coffee because the flavor was pretty prominent. Definitely going on the top beer list.


Matt whipped up some fannetastic black bean burgers on Thursday night, so we just had to throw them on the skillet with a slice o bleu.


We got cozy on the couch beach chairs with Mad Men and called it a night. But not before eating one of these morsels from the freezer. Man, the consistency of these is just so perfect.


Today has been all moving prep with spinning and groceries in between. But I’m about to take a break to go out to dinner!

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  1. Amanda@RunningOnCoffee

    Yum, I love Dark & Stormy(s). And I’ll have to seek out that Lagunitas Capp. Stout! A good friend of ours lived out in San Diego for a couple years – we went out with him last night and he just ordered a Lagunitas IPA.

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