1. Sarah

    Delurking to say that I love your back patio, and all the red brick! Did you guys look at a bunch of apartments before you found this guy? I am sure that you were pleasantly surprised with the value, compared with Boston apartments. My husband and I are moving out of NYC, so I can sympathize! It is hard to leave these wonderful cities, but nice to have some more space.

    • Thanks! We actually didn’t look at that many bc most of the apartments in NC have white carpet and this one had hardwoods and brick! Good luck with your move:)

  2. I had brussel sprouts last night too! They were so good. And I love the sound of that strawberry rice – definitely something I think I’d like!

    Can’t wait to hear the exciting news!!

  3. wow i love that mini-deck! that looks so unique compared to what i’m used to in richmond. we just have a balcony that overlooks a bunch of cars :/

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