And We’re Off [Again]

“What my heart needs now is rest, so I’m packin up and I’m headin west…”



Matt and I haven’t had extended time off (at the same time) since he graduated from college (in 2006), so we’re using the next ten days (and some frequent flyer miles) to explore one of my favorite parts of the country. I loved AZ as a child, so I really wanted to go back with Matt; I also wanted to go to a state I’ve never been to, so we chose Santa Fe because I’ve heard wonderful things about New Mexico. Below is our anticipated path, but we are flying to Houston for the last 3 days of the trip because two of our college friends are getting married.

Picture 1.png

Hiking, swimming, biking, breweries, scenic vistas, and lots of eating and relaxation are all on the agenda and you know I’ll be tweeting and blogging about the experience!



  1. Eva

    You must must must eat breakfast (or lunch) at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo, New Mexico (half-way between Santa Fe and Albuquerque). Seriously, I ate the best breakfast of my life there!

    Enjoy — New Mexico is the most beautiful state in my opinion!

  2. If you stop in Albuquerque, there are MANY great places for Mexican in Albuquerque: Garcia’s, Los Quates, and Layola’s just to name a few.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Sarah

    I ADORE Santa Fe. I spent a summer there and was obsessed. It has everything you would want: walkable downtown, accessible outdoor activities, natural beauty, culture and most importantly, great food and beer. I highly recommend Cafe Pasqual’s for a nice dinner, Coyote Cafe for margs and guac on the 2nd floor outdoor terrace, and Marble Brewery Tap Room, right on the main square for beers. So jealous!!

  4. sounds like an awesome trip!! just found your blog and am def following it, as I can completely relate to your place in life 🙂 and of course the beer love…

  5. Jennifer

    No Grand Canyon??? You will reach a dining mecca in Phoenix/Scottsdale – I could list 100 places for you to try 🙂 Have fun & be safe!

    • I’m already obsessed with the restaurants in scottsdale! We are going to the grand canyon, but only for the day…

  6. Carly

    If you want a good hiking place in phoenix Camelback mountain in fun. Hope you have a great time!

  7. My husband and I moved cross country from Charlotte to Las Vegas last year and really enjoyed the Marble Brewery in Albuquerque when we were there so that’s a definite recommendation. Hope you have lots of fun! Can’t wait to read/see all about it!

  8. Yay! Have fun!! Stay away from those Los Alamos fires though!! I have a friend that lives there and hasn’t been able to go back home for 2 weeks because of them!

  9. Bethany

    I live here in Scottsdale and recently tried a new place in Old Town called Citizen Public House with my boyfriend for his birthday – it was AMAZING! We already have plans to go back! Everything from the appetizers to desserts and drinks is fabulous! Check out the menu – you will NOT be let down! 🙂

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