1. There’s really no windows in your bedroom? That’s actually illegal on the part of the landlord/developer…. my dad is a developer and the law is, you can’t call something a bedroom unless it has at least one regular-sized window. It’s unsafe! What if there’s a fire while you’re sleeping? You and Matt would be trapped.

  2. Oh, goodness! Welcome home, lady. Good luck with the settling in and figuring out what your new “normal”/routine will look like.

    p.s. Delicious pounds happen. We Embrace It.

  3. hi! just checking in — we actually stayed at the same resort you two did in scottsdale 🙂 (clearly similar taste in living quarters!).

    running in the AM here really isn’t bad if you get it done early! you can do a nice loop around east campus (and add laps depending on mileage you’re looking for). i am sure i will see you out or at the gym some time!

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