1. Helen

    Delurking here – I read you and Kath daily πŸ™‚

    I have seen these really cool memory foam bath mats at both Kohl’s and JCP. I haven’t bought it, but mmmmm, it is nice to feel!!

    I know what you mean – stepping on the mat the first time after it has been washed is SO NICE.

  2. Aria

    Try the memory foam kind! They are amazing and I’ve had mine for 3 months now and it looks brand new πŸ™‚

  3. As far as bath mats are concerned, the fluffier the better. You really have to pay a little more for quality here. I like Chocolate Dots bath mat by All Modern or Pottery Barn>

    good luck w job hunt

  4. Lindsay

    I didn’t know I wanted a new bathmat until you posted about it and now it’s all I can think about! Let us know if you find a winner. I have an Ikea one that feels GREAT right after it is washed but gets matted down. Definitely washing it tonight!!

  5. We got our bath mats from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they’ve held up pretty well… But Costco has some sort of memory foam mats that I’ve been eying- they look like it would feel like walking on clouds!

  6. Stephanie C

    I’d love to know if you find one that works out. I have the same problem with mine (from BB&B). One problem is that husband nixes memory foam since its made with weird chemicals. Good luck!

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