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Bud, Bbq, Bball

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 | 3 comments


In case you were wondering, the beer tasting went well (duh). The Moo Hoo won by a long shot and I’d definitely buy it again. Matt actually picked out a fancy Southern Tier beer for me too (but I’m saving it….). We must know each other well!


I’m back to being overwhelmed at work, so I wasn’t in the greatest of moods this evening. I def. have a love-hate relationship with working part-time. I feel phenomenal having more time to myself, but I’m extra stressed trying fit so much work into so little time. But I did feel a bit better after a good spin session. And then I met Matt at Cameron for a Fuqua bbq before the Duke women’s game. The food wasn’t anything special (well, expect for the three-bean baked beans), but it was nice to have an after work activity. I’ll even admit that I drank a small Bud Light. I mean it’s hard to resist a keg and a man with a pitcher walking around with refills….


I need an early bedtime tonight to get the energy for a long day of report writing tomorrow. And so I can stay chipper through the rainy day. Adios.


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  1. Sarah

    early bedtimes make the biggest difference but so hard to accomplish!

  2. Jen

    Love the shirt!!

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