1. Good girl, well done! I agree that life can too easily look like there is an endless list of responsibilities that fills each day, when in fact every day should feel like being on vacation: waking up and looking forward to all the fun and interesting things that can be done that day, or not.

  2. Part of being an adult is deciding exactly what you want to do with every minute of your life! Good choices.

    Please send me a cookie.

    • Agree with Kath! And to help, I think you could twist your thinking around and look at it this way: I work because this is what I choose to do and what I studied to do…I work out because it makes me feel good and I enjoy it…I eat healthy meals because they are satisfying and fuels my days…then it doesn’t seem like monotony, it seems like the choices you make for yourself!

  3. Stephanie C

    I know what you mean. Except I’m still in school and in practicum. I feel like a boring person at times and want to go back to the days when I was 21 and went out to clubs, and spent my days at the beach… but when the time comes what I ACTUALLY do is paint my nails, drink a beer, or read a book for fun rather than read the books I SHOULD be reading for class or my site.
    There’s also always facebook, clothing sites, pinterest.. and of course reading blogs while I am supposed to be doing a paper 😉

  4. Lindsay

    Like Stephanie said… internet browsing is how I often put off doing things I should be doing. Since I’m finishing up grad school (graduation in one month!) I often tell myself I will do more fun, carefree things with my time “when I have money”… hopefully that day will come soon! Cause I’m sick of having to be so responsible and always think about saving money! haha

  5. Sarah

    Quick question for you– I am headed to the Raleigh-Durham area for a wedding this weekend, and would love you recs for fun stuff to do in the area. Ideally something outdoorsy–would also love a suggestion for a fun lunch spot in Durham. We are big beer fans like you and Matt. Thanks!!

    • Laura

      Umstead park or the Eno River park have some nice hiking/walking trails. As for a fun lunch, I like Bull City burger in Durham for local burgers and beer. Tyler’s Tap Room in Durham also has an amazing selection of beer. Beer aside, Toast has really nice, fresh Italian panini’s and Parker and Otis is an adorable sandwich shop. Have fun!

  6. I LOVE this post, especially after this crazy week. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to do exactly what you want instead of what you “should” be doing.

  7. I’ll always be a kid at heart and bfast for dinner [including a bowl of cereal] will always be a fave 🙂 Hooray for working at a school- we get out June 15th, only 9 more weeks!

  8. Sarah

    Thanks so much for the recs! We went to Bull City Burger on Saturday and loved it! Wish that we had more time to spend in Durham. It is a neat city, Thanks again

  9. I think being a “responsible adult” vs “do whatever i want” follows the same 80-20 rule basically everything else does. Work hard, work out, eat healthy, get sh*t done 80% of the time, be lazy or crazy the other 20%. 😉

    I agree with the other commenter who mentioned reframing your perspective. For example, I CHOOSE to work a not-super-interesting job because it gives me enough money and time to enjoy my hobbies, go out to eat/drink, and travel.

    I am all about a lazy afternoon/night with a book or movie, a drink, and a junk food-y snack when I need a “retreat from life” day.

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