1. Susan Mc

    Hey there Larbs! (Sorry, too personal I know, but I pop over here from KERF and it’s hard to call you anything else!)
    I hope this doesn’t sound too stalker-ish, but I’m so excited to see your spending some time in the ATL! I just got caught up on your posts and said to myself…. “Hey, we should do a meet up!”
    I’ve lived here for 20 years, came right after college and would love to do lunch! Email me if you’d like, my schedule is pretty flexible and I work close to Va-Hi, there are tons of cool lunch spots we could explore! I’ve been a loyal KERFer for three years, I feel like I know you and your mom too (sooo weird, I know!) and would love to do lunch. Any other TBMT readers in the area? We could make it a partay!

    • Laura

      Hi! I’m about to start babysitting during the day, but am free in the evenings, so we should def. think about doing dinner (or a meet-up) this summer!

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