Taking Back My Twenties


Posted on Jul 26, 2012 | 3 comments

Another long day of babysitting, though this time I’m not pooped. The little guy def. pooped though – a ton and then bounced around in the exer-saucer. TMI? Not pretty.

I’m headed back to the airport tomorrow. Living in Atlanta is starting to get pretty weird because I never see Matt and then I travel on the weekends. I’m so confused about where home is. I’ve also had some issues with a large spider in the shower (three encounters – he essentially rose from the dead, which was a traumatizing experience). I’ve tried to use the cognitive-behavioral techniques I learned in grad school on myself, but when I see him, my body just takes over and starts trembling. So, I’m pretty much ready to pack up and head back to Durham ASAP. Speaking of home though, tomorrow I’m going to my childhood home (as in Hillsborough, NC) for my sister’s baby shower. Should be a good time and my fingers are crossed that there’s cake:)

We all know I’m in a cooking slump because I’m not in my own kitchen and because Matt’s never home for dinner. I’ve been making really quick meals for myself. This one was a major winner. I picked up a jalapeno cheddar salmon burger from whole foods, browned it in a pan, and put it over a salad of black beans, corn relish, avocado, and salsa verde. The burger was soooo good!!! It didn’t even taste like salmon (sometimes a good thing), and I actually had to go check the package to see if I’d bought a chicken burger.


Sorry I forgot to hit publish on this last night. My brain has been a bit foggy and I fell asleep with my computer open and Expedia honeymoons on the screen:)


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  1. Kath

    Close encounters of a THIRD kind!?

    • Laura

      Well two encounters the first night that ended in him going down the drain. And then one yesterday when he rose from the drain. But then there was also a second spider on the first night (a different kind).

  2. Clarice

    I just moved to Atlanta and the bugs are phenomenal. I got some bug spray that is safe for kitchens – Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer, and I really like it. Good luck.

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