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Summer Confessions

Posted on Aug 7, 2012 | 9 comments

Six hours alone in the car yesterday left me with lots of thoughts about the summer…

-There were days when I stayed on the couch from 9 to 5

-Ever since I saw el giganto spider in the bathtub, I never showered in our sublet (I went to the gym)

-I’ve packed on a few pounds from glorious Atlanta restaurants and its not a good thing


-I only really cooked three time

-I got lonely in Atlanta when Matt was at work

-I only bought one clothing item, despite seeing a bazillion cute boutiques in the Virginia Highlands


-I watched four seasons of Say Yes To The Dress

-I got hooked on coffee again

-I spent 90% of my time this summer dreaming about a honeymoon



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  1. Brendan Mullen

    I also spent 90% of my time this summer thinking about your honeymoon!

  2. lo

    Love everything about this! Good for you for enjoying your summer!

  3. Rachel

    This is one of my favorite posts :)

  4. Lisa

    I’ve been hooked on Yes to the Dress too. I was lucky enough to have found my dress in the first boutique. For me, whatever I thought I wanted went out the window after I actually tried them on. It just didn’t look the way I know I would have felt if it was MY dress, you know?

    We just booked our October honeymoon to Italy! I was torn between Italy and Paris but my friends & colleagues convinced me that Paris might be too cold/rainy in October. I can’t wait! : )*

    Good luck with your wedding planning!

    • Laura

      I know what you mean:) So exciting that you booked the honeymoon! Which city are you going to?

      • Lisa

        Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast. My Italian colleagues tell me that the Amalfi is a must! We have the plane flights and the hotels booked. Now we just have to buckle down and compile a list of things to do. Easy peasy! : )*

  5. Marissa@ohhhsolovely

    this is great! i truly believe that summer is a time to be a little indulgent!

  6. Jessica

    Totally relate to being on the couch from 9 to 5! ;)

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