1. Coffee helps! I teach K-12 and the one of the ways I stay sane is trying to keep organized and have things laid out before I go to bed. Water is easy for me to remember but workouts are another story ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like you have a good list. Good luck staying sane!

  2. Pamela

    I say give it time and patience. You will acclimate to the hours, develop a routine, notice the new normal. Don’t worry if it hasn’t happened yet. It happens when you aren’t looking.

  3. Molly

    I have long, thick hair and I also dread having to dry it in the morning. I find that I much prefer to shower and wash my hair at night (I exercise at night anyway, so the shower is a must) and let it dry naturally over night. Then, in the mornings I just have to wash my face and a quick blow dry, or 10min flat iron job works just fine (and when I go for the pony look I only straighten the hair that’s sticking out of the elastic anyway).

  4. I would say sticking to my work out plan. I get into this groove where I might eat too much chocolate one night which causes me to not sleep as well, so I wake up tired. Then by the end of the day I’m too tired to work out and just want to go home and veg… which just starts the cycle all over again! But once I finally make myself get in a workout, it seems to help! I feel more energized, get better sleep, and usually make better food choices.

  5. Sarah

    I graduated a year ago from my master’s program and had two years of full time work before that, but my job now, which I’ve had for about a year, is much more independent. As a result, I’ve had to think about a lot of these things since I’m on my own most of the time.

    Taking a walk or breaks during the day and getting outside if possible definitely helps! Coffee or tea and a few minutes reading emails in the morning has become like a morning work ritual and I kind of look forward to it. I bought myself a really cute mug, which makes it nice.

    I also second the importance of getting up early and prepping the night before. I have a hard time with this because, like you said, it’s SO easy to sit on the couch and then do nothing the rest of the night. But, I know I feel a lot better if I workout, cook dinner, get some things done, etc. One of the best things that I do is make a big batch of oatmeal with blueberries in it on Sunday and portion it out for the week. I love a pre-made healthy, hot breakfast and it saves a ton of time.

    One good suggestion that I read recently is to have some sort of outside connection each day like calling a friend, having dinner out, etc. so it’s not just the same routine, same people everyday.

    Good luck! Good to know that we have similar challenges/outlooks!

    • Laura

      Love the outside connection idea. I’ve been trying to do that when Matt’s not home at night. Thanks:)

  6. I try to create an environment that makes me feel happy. Sometimes it’s lighting a few candles… others it’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I’m extremely sensory so these little things help give me a boost ๐Ÿ™‚ Give yourself something to look forward to… like a delicious lunch… an afternoon walk… or happy hour. And if all else fails… getting a new perspective always helps ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the experience for what it is… embrace what’s the come… and know that 1: you are blessed and 2: you are in control. If at any point you feel you are not on the right track… you alone have the power to switch tracks. Also… everything will be OK.

  7. Just wondering…if you work school hours (I do) why not exercise after work? I pack a bag and I do not let myself go home until I go to the gym first. Is there a real need for you to be home immediately after work? That might also help with your “wet pony” situation. You could shower after the gym and let you hair dry overnight.

    Just a suggestion.

    • Laura

      Yup – I work school hours and exercise after work. I can just walk to my gym, so I usually come home first and change rather than drive the two blocks. I could try blow-drying my hair and then sleeping, but if it sleep on it wet, it’s really gross. Plus, I always need a shower first thing to get me going and keep me from feeling gross. My hair is fine and gets greasy after about 12 hours without a shampoo:(


  8. Claritza

    I agree with a previous post about energy-wasting cold air conditioning temperatures in schools (but be grateful that your school has A/C). Fluorescent lights are harsh and can give an โ€œinterrogationโ€ feel in a small office. If you are allowed to bring in a table lamp, it can make the lighting softer, and more inviting and calming when you meet with students and parents in your office.

  9. Miranda

    Dry shampoo!! Cannot get enough of this stuff. I don’t know if you can get this brand in the States but Batiste does an amazing one and it’s really cheap, too. I found when I started using it, I washed my hair less (obviously) and it just produced less oil over time – I used to be an everyday hair washer too and now I would wash every three days on average. Plus, it gives your hair amazing volume – my hair is fine as well. Try some ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your fruit water looks delicious – I might have to try that!

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