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A Meat House Thanksgiving {Review + Giveaway}

Posted on Nov 19, 2012 | 78 comments

Way back when I lived in Boston, I stumbled upon a modern butcher shop of sorts, called The Meat House. The store wasn’t close to our apartment, so we only shopped there once, but we did enjoy the wide variety of meat and the neighborhood grocery feel. So, when the social media coordinator asked me if I would like the opportunity to review something from the store, I wanted to say sure! Only, I was asked to prepare a Meat House turkey for Thanksgiving and we’re not cooking this year (we’re traveling and eating out…), so I declined. But then she asked me if I’d be interested in preparing a turkey right before Thanksgiving (friends-giving?), but I was too overwhelmed by the idea of cooking a whole Thanksgiving spread by myself, and declined again. ‘No problem’ was her response! You see, the beauty of The Meat House, is that they have all kinds of prepared sides and pre-marinated turkey, for busy, lazy-on-the-couch, no-experience-cooking-turkeys-people like me!


So, with a gift card in hand, I went to The Meat House and picked out a mini Thanksgiving spread consisting of cilantro lime marinated turkey tips, sweet potato casserole, bacon brussels sprouts, and bourbon baked beans! The meat seemed really reasonably priced to me and there was so much to choose from! We chose turkey because of the holiday, but I’d love to try some of the spicy marinated meat too.


The store seemed bigger than the one I had visited in Boston, and meat aside, it has lots of other gourmet goodies, and beer + wine too! Oh, and pie, but I didn’t think Matt and I needed a whole pie between the two of us.


I love these kinds of stores because they always have great ideas for house-warming gifts or stocking stuffers for cooks. I couldn’t resist picking out a few extra things – I need more good seasonings around this kitchen!


We actually arrived only 15 minutes before closing, and I thought the staff might be annoyed that we were taking a while to decide what we wanted, but the staff were helpful, upbeat, and friendly, making it really feel like a small neighborhood market.


I cooked the turkey last night, and I’m a little embarrassed to say I wasn’t exactly sure of the best way to prepare turkey tips. Nothing a little googling can’t solve:) I bet this would have been great on the grill! I ended up searing the outside and then baking the tips in the oven until they reached 165 degrees.


And everything else was prepared by magic micro waves!


It was so much fun to have this feast on a chilly Sunday night – I actually couldn’t finish the whole plate though – gotta save room for the real thing.


The turkey was good, and I especially liked the hint of cilantro and lime, but I have to be honest, I think I butchered it with my cooking method because the inside was dry – totally my fault I’m guessing?


But the sides were fabulous! The rolls are actually from Great Harvest (we keep a stash in our freezer), but the rest of the prepared sides were from The Meat House. The bourbon baked beans and the sweet potato casserole were sooo delicious!!!


I wasn’t a huge fan of the brussels, mostly because we cook them at home all the time (and I’m kinda of addicted to the maple roasted ones we make), but I do enjoy bacon with my brussels.


Overall, I really enjoyed my shopping experience at The Meat House and I thought the food was very high quality. I believe the turkey was all-natural, but I don’t think it was organic (and I can’t remember if I saw organic or grass-fed options for the other meats) But, like I said, the prices were good for the meat and the sides, which you could also buy by the pound.

And now, the fun part – I’m giving away one $50 giftcard to The Meat House – it looks like there are locations in about ten states nationwide, so check the website to see if there’s one near you. To enter, leave a comment on this post – we’ll switch things up a bit – tell me what your least favorite Thanksgiving food is and why! I’ll pick a winner on Sunday.


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  1. Claire @ Keeping Up Wirh Claire

    I’m not a fan of the rolls! My family always has white dinner rolls and as a whole grain lover, I just can’t bring myself to like them!

  2. Lisa

    My grandma always end up making one of those Jello/Cool Whip/mini-marshmallow “salads” straight out of 1956. No bueno.

  3. Kylee

    My aunt always makes corn pudding. I just can’t stand the texture of that stuff!

  4. Lindsay

    I know it is super-traditional but I really dislike pecan pie! I make one every year for my husband but stick to pumpkin pie for myself!!

  5. Mary

    Least favorite is traditional green bean casserole with slivered almonds on top. I changed up the recipe a bit to (fresh) broccoli casserole with crushed cheese crackers on top and now it is one of my favorites. Maybe it was a consistency thing with the (canned) green beans?

  6. Siobhan

    Not a big fan of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving- everything else is just more exciting! Glad to hear that someone else out there googles before they cook :)

  7. Kerry

    My least favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. They’re just so boring! I usually skip them entirely. That leaves more room for stuffing, which is one of my favorites.

    I’ve heard good things about the Meat House, but haven’t checked it out yet. The food looks really good!

  8. Kathryn

    I’ve never been a fan of cranberry sauce- there’s something about the texture of the canned stuff that just doesn’t work for me! Pumpkin pie, on the other hand, I’m allll over.

  9. Lindsay

    I live right around the corner from the Meat House in Brookline – probably the Boston one you speak of :) Have only been there a couple of times but I also like the small-grocer feel to it! My least favorite Thanksgiving side is stuffing – I think because my family always prepares it very dry…. no one ever bothers to make some fancy, good stuffing, just the traditional stove top and I think its gross!

  10. Kelly

    I can’t stand cranberry sauce! It seems like such a waste of valuable plate real estate.

  11. Hawley

    My least favorite Thanksgiving food is probably the turkey itself! I don’t dislike it entirely, but I don’t think its nearly as delicious without the great sides!

  12. Christine

    I know a lot of people love them, but I have never been a fan of green beans with onion bits on top. I’d rather eat them plain

  13. mine

    my least favorite thanksgiving food is sweet potatoes with marshmallows, it’s so sweet i feel nauseous just thinking about it.

  14. Melanie

    my least favorite is stuffing- always mushy and flavorless to me!

  15. gwen

    least favorite is pecan pie…….way too sweet and goopy

  16. Stephanie @ The Travelling Tastebuds

    My least favorite Thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce. I’ve never liked pairing sweet sauces with savory foods!

  17. Marcie

    Can’t stand sweet potatoes!

  18. Kate

    Definitely cranberry sauce. It is either that gross stuff from the can or it is too tart.

  19. Lauren S

    I love the thanksgiving feast but my least favorite side is cranberry sauce. We’ve always had canned so maybe it’s time I make it from scratch!

  20. Lisa

    cranberry sauce. eww. it’s completely a texture thing..brings me close to gagging!

  21. carol

    I’m not a fan of all the leftovers. I ate my turkey once, I don’t want it for another 50 meals.

  22. Sarah

    My husband’s family’s Thanksgiving always includes their favorite oyster stuffing–it is not for me!!

  23. Katie

    Mashed sweet potatoes. I don’t know what it is. I love sweet potato wedges, sweet potato fries, baked sweet potatoes… But mash them, and they’re gross.

  24. Louise

    I love the meat house. I live nearby the one in Brookline. My least favorite food is probably weird to most people. I just hate desserts. It sort of started by avoiding sweets and then my body got so used to it that i get nauseous if I eat sugar. I still enjoy cooking the desserts for my girls so they are happy. I have 2 teen girls and 2 twenties girls so I enjoy your blog a lot.

  25. Colleen

    my least favorite are the CANNED vegetables my mother in law serves. Canned string beans and canned carrots!!! and the first year I spent the holiday with my inlaws, out came the bottle of bbq sauce. my mother in law doesn’t like gravy, so no gravy was made. she threw the turkey drippings down the drain. I now make the gravy ahead of time and can live with canned vegetables once a year. Its all about spending time with the family anyway. I love the Meat House, there is one right near me on the North Shore of MA. get the cilantro lime shrimp next time you are there.

  26. Cassie

    I’ve never been a fan of stuffing. I think it’s the texture. . .

  27. Caitlin

    I live in Boston and will definitely be checking out the Meat House! My least favorite side dish is peas. I am not a fan of my different food touching on the plate (weird, I know) and peas always roll around and get into everything.

  28. kate

    My brother makes a “meat stuffing” out of the turkey gizzards, heart, liver and ground beef. It looks like a meat loaf. Only he and my father eat it!

  29. Marcia Compton

    I love The meat house, it has many different items,

  30. tempesst

    my lest favorite thanksgiving food is pecan pie!

  31. Amanda M

    I’m probably in the minority, but my least favorite Thanksgiving food is Pumpkin pie. I keep trying it thinking I’ll like it, but nope.

  32. Carol

    Green bean casserole

  33. Amy

    I just went to the meat house this past weekend for the first time – it was pretty awesome!
    My least favorite thankgiving food is sweet potatoes. I’m just not a fan at all.

  34. Lizzie

    I really dont like stuffing! yuck!

  35. shayna

    my least favorite thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce.

  36. Theresa

    I am not a fan of my mom’s pineapple + cheddar cheese casserole…

  37. KK

    Love love love the meat house. My least fave thanksgiving food is definitely peas – blech. It’s the one food that I hated as a kid that I haven’t grown into yet – there’s just no making them okay unless they’re in a cream sauce. Then I’ll put up with them. ;)

  38. Clare

    i think green bean casserole is just the worst. totally replaced it with brussels for my own spread!

  39. Amy

    I really don’t like cranberry sauce. My family doesn’t want to associate with me , but oh well :)

  40. Jackie

    I could never get behind sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows. They’re sweet enough on their own!

  41. Claire

    This might sound crazy, but my least favorite thanksgiving food is definitely turkey, haha.

  42. Molly

    The greens on thanksgiving never do it for me…everything else steals the show. Plus, my favorite part of the whole holiday is the next day sandwich, and there’s no room to spare for green veggies on that!

  43. Emily

    I’m with a lot of other readers…not a fan of canned cranberry sauce. This year I am making cranberry salsa…excited to try it!

  44. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Oof, I’ve gotta give it to the annual cranberries. Yuck!

  45. Stephanie

    I’ve never liked eating ham on Thanksgiving. I don’t like the texture of the meat and how it can taste salty. I’ve never been big on cranberry sauce either. I however, love shopping at the Meat House. There’s one right up the street from me.

  46. Sophie

    Definitely creamed pearl onions. Everything about that dish makes me gag!

  47. Carly

    I lovee thanksgiving food so I’d say my least favorite is whatever main dish my aunt makes for my cousin who’s vegetarian. I would love to try the meat house! I’ve never heard of it!

  48. Justeen

    My least favorite Thanksgiving food is ham – I’ve never been a fan.

    I’ve never shopped at The Meat House myself, but my boyfriend lives right by the one in Boston and loves it!

  49. Jess

    I actually hate gravy. Much prefer my turkey plain.

  50. Carla

    My least favorite dish is the corn my family usually has. My mother likes “fancy” frozen corn, which is basically whiter, smaller kernel corn, which I find so bland and yucky!

    Hope I win! :)

  51. Nancy

    I feel bad saying this but my mother’s stuffing is just not that good – I don’t mind terribly because the turkey is so delicious but eating the salty stuffing by itself is gross.

  52. Hillary @ GRAS Pizza

    I love this place!!! Best part they do great samples :)

    Brussells are absolutely my favorite. Making mine with pancetta thursday!

  53. Kaye McDonald

    I don’t DISLIKE anything…but when there are raisins in stuffing, I am just NOT a fan!

  54. Lucy

    Canned cranberry sauce for sure

  55. Emily @ Life on Food

    Green bean casserole grosses me out. I insist on having it on the table – traditional and there are crazy family members who love the stuff. I just sit on the far side of the table.

  56. Ginger

    Your meal looks fabulous! I’m actually not a huge fan of Pumpkin Pie. I would much rather have Pecan Pie.

  57. Ash

    I dislike cranberry sauce from a can. YUCK!

  58. Laurel

    I live right by a near a Meat House, but haven’t shopped there yet. I did stop in to take a look around once, and everything looked awesome. The sweet potato souffle looks delicious!

  59. Leslie

    Green bean casserole by a landslide is my least favorite. I also hate those cheap white bread rolls commonly on many tables.

  60. Emily

    I am so not a pie person. I have no idea why…I think because they’re so dense and often waaaay too sweet. :) I can take a few bites of a pumpkin pie, but that’s about it! I’m always ready for coffee and a square of chocolate after the big meal.

  61. Claritza

    My least favorite Thanksgiving dish is an old Baltimore/German Thanksgiving tradition (which your Baltimore grandmother might have had on her table) – sauerkraut! Despite my own deep German roots, I hate the odor. My aunt agreed, but felt that “you always have to have it on the table” at Thanksgiving, so she’d put out an unopened can (recycled from year to year). I had two workplaces in my twenties that reeked of sauerkraut – a clothing store above a hot dog and sauerkraut joint and an urban classroom three tall floors above the basement cafeteria where the noxious vegetable was served for lunch on hot dogs three times a week. And I was always amazed how many students enjoyed the sauerkraut that came with the school lunch Thanksgiving and Holiday dinners in other schools where I taught. Writing this may give me the courage to actually taste it this year! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  62. Sam

    My least favorite dish is turkey. I just think its kinda dry and bland.

  63. Laura

    My least favorite dish is green bean casserole-blah!

  64. Kristen

    My least favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely pearl onions. I can’t stand to look at them as they remind me of eyeballs! Blargh!

  65. Kyle

    ‘Least favorite’ food at Thanksgiving is a tough category… If I absolutely HAD to narrow it down, I’d have to say salad. Seems a waste of space to fill up on greens when there’s so much tasty meat to be had!

  66. Jamie Brooks

    My least facorite thanksgiving food is those nasty canned yams with marshmallows on top.

  67. Tina

    I think my least favorite Thanksgiving food is pecan pie. It’s just too sweet for me and I don’t like the texture.

  68. Chris Barry

    Cranberry Sauce! How did cranberry jello become a Thanksgiving food?? Yuck.

  69. Kate

    Allow me to qualify this statement by saying that REAL mashed potatoes are my absolute FAVORITE food… so why do I mention this? Because mashed potatoes quickly turn into my LEAST favorite when boxed flakes are used in place of real, dug from the ground spuds! Real or nothing!

  70. Jacky

    I love The Meat House, wish we had one near me in the Midwest. Always go when I am visiting my sister in NH.

  71. Diana

    My least favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. Not a potato fan at all and the mushy texture is so unappealing.

  72. Wendy T.

    I’ve never shopped at the Meat House, but I’m in Boston & should go someday. For Thanksgiving, I’ve never cared too much for stuffing.

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