1. chickie

    Hi! On an unrelated note….. I’m interested in getting my masters to eventually become a therapist. Just wondering, what is your exact degree in and how many years did it take? Also, did you get a specific license? Thanks so much! Love the blog!

    • Laura

      I’m not actually a therapist, only a school psychologist:) I have a Master’s in applied educational psychology and then a certificate of advanced graduate study in school psychology. The whole program was 3 years – all school psych programs are three years and involve a “specialist level” degree, but some schools call them certificates and some educational specialist degrees. I’m licensed by the NC department of education to practice as a school psychologist only and I’m also certified by the national association of school psychologist (meaning my program was approved by the association). Email me if you have more specific questions…

  2. I celebrated the weather by wearing a dress to work since I didn’t need to worry about the (sometimes) very cold walk up the hill to the college’s entrance.

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