• Laura

      omg, that picture!!! Thanks for the rec – we are actually planning to go!!!! But, we are also hoping to do a cruise, so will most likely only get 2 nights there:(

      • Honestly, 2 nights is perfect. It’s a small town nestled away into the mountains and there’s not much to do besides eat, sunbathe and enjoy the view. : )

  1. Lindsay

    Sunday is my birthday! My boyfriend is taking me to this very luxurious Sunday brunch buffet at the Langham Hotel in Boston. It ends with a chocolate bar! I’m very excited. I hate sharing my birthday with the superbowl (cause I’m not a sports fan) but my brother’s beloved 49ers are playing so I guess I’ll be happy for him!

  2. Rachel L.

    Who’s even playing?? The Baltimore Ravens!! Even though I wasn’t into sports growing up, I always wanted to live in a city where the home team went to a championship. Once I moved to Baltimore, I became a big Ravnes fan (it’s hard not to in this city). I’m so excited to be in a bar surrounded by other fans watching the Ravens win 🙂

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