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Wedding Memories

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 | 21 comments

The wedding feels so long ago. Even though I’ve already blogged about it and shared pictures, all of the snaps were from Kath’s DSLR. The pictures from our photographer, Theo Milo, were ready once I got back from the honeymoon and they are fabulous!!!! But I had to wait for the disk to make its way to Texas before I could share them. I love them so much and am thrilled with how they turned out. Theo was super easy to work with and clearly very talented!

All that’s left are these memories. So here’s a photo dump to brighten your hump [day]!

0043_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0031_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0523_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0057_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0061_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0068_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0078_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg

0092_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg  0108_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0110_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0128_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0157_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0179_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0194_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0237_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0270_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0274_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0280_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0311_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0315_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0539_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0541_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0556_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0565_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0566_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0537_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0385_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0390_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0388_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0410_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0400_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0398_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0395_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0383_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0411_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0423_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0429_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0442_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0431_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0449_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0461_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0463_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0467_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0493_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0470_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0514_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg


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  1. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)

    aww…such great photos! I can’t wait to get mine back but it’s probably still another 6 weeks out. :( You were such a gorgeous bride!

  2. Marcia Compton

    perfect beautiful,

  3. Tracey

    Such lovely photos! I especially liked the one of you and your father, it was sweet and beautiful.

  4. Allyson

    Lovely photos! You look beautiful and so happy and natural. Your sister looks good, considering she just had a baby; so hard to lose that weight!

  5. Kel

    It has to have been a good wedding when I tear up at the wedding pictures! Congrats again! So glad you had a beautiful day!

  6. Miranda

    The photos of you and Matt on the boardwalk are just lovely :)

  7. Hannah

    The pictures are incredible! Also, as I was flipping through them I realized that my nails are currently painted in your wedding colours. So strange!

  8. Molly

    Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Dad

    Loved reliving the day again.

  10. Hope

    Your dress is gorgeous!!! LOVE!

  11. Annie @ The Annie Hall

    you look GORGEOUS! And I just love every single detail of your wedding! your dress, decor, setting, theme, color scheme, ….and everything !

    are you the older or younger sister?
    also, lol is that sister of your husband his twin? him, his sister, and his mom look IDENTICAL!

    Finally, just a really random question. i personally like the strapless wedding gown style the best as well. However, I do have wonder, isn’t it hard to feel comfortable and dance in it?! i would be paranoid my boobs would pop out while on the dance floor! Did you have that problem?
    (granted that my boobs are non existent and BF calls them ant bites lol.)

    • Laura


      I’m younger, and Matt’s sister does look a lot like him:)

      The wedding dress was altered to fit me perfectly, so it didn’t budge when I was dancing, but the reception dress I changed into at the end was def a problem!

  12. Annie @ The Annie Hall

    PS. the pic with the mid dance/tango-esque move with the girl in the turquoise dress and black dress is EPIC! (5th pic from bottom up)

  13. Jess@themessyjessy

    You look gorgeous! I also love the color of your bridesmaids dresses, exaaaactly what I want!

  14. Angie

    What a gorgeous wedding! I’m a June 2014 bride and really getting into planning now. Your dress is similar to mine, and I was wondering – where did you get the sash? Is it champagne colored? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

    Hope you’re enjoying Texas. I’m up in Boston and the weather is already starting to cool. Getting fall-like!


    • Laura

      Thanks! The sash is almost a gray color and it came with the dress, so I doubt you can buy it:( I found that most bridal stores carried a ton of belts, but they were always super expensive. I’m jealous of your cooler weather!

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