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Hill Country Getaway

Posted on Aug 30, 2013 | 14 comments

Matt and I drove down to Fredericksburg, Texas for two nights to relax and check out the hill country! Sometimes I have trouble taking it easy when we go on vacation because we plan so much and want to hit all the cool restaurants and bars. But this was the first trip in a long time that felt like a true getaway. We rented a little cottage and really enjoyed the outdoor space. The hill country was so peaceful, and since we were there on a Monday and Tuesday, a lot of things were closed. We enjoyed take-out pizza and mexican food on our patio, visited wineries and picnicked for lunch, drank wine by the fire pit, ate salted caramel and peanut butter fudge (and maybe a piece of chocolate bacon), went for a run that ended with iced coffee, tasted beer, looked at the stars from the hammock, and had a big breakfast before the drive home. I can’t wait to go back!






















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  1. katie

    Looks delicious and like a wonderful getaway!

  2. Ashlee@HisnHers

    My husband and I just went to Fredericksburg while on our 1 year wedding anniversary road trip. We LOVED it! What was your favorite winery? We went to 4 and our favorite was Pedernales. Our favorite wine however was at Hilmy!

  3. Lindsey

    I love the necklace you’re wearing four photos from the end. Might I ask where it’s from!?

    • Laura

      Thanks! It’s from a little boutique in Charlotte and I actually can’t remember the name:( Sorry that’s not much help!

  4. Katie

    Wow, you’re sol lucky, you sure get to vacation a lot!

  5. Nikki Burke

    I live here! You really should come back on say a Friday and Saturday to experience more things that were closed. German town with lots of beer and also wineries everywhere!

    By the way I love both your blog and your sisters!

  6. Madison

    AMAZING and dreamy getaway! I’m wanting one now. :)

  7. Annie @the Annie hall

    Ahhhhhh id love to check out Fredericksburg sometime! Sounds like a nice romantic getaway:)

    You NEED to go to Austin sometime soon, the food there is out of this world! Not to mention that Its a super neat funky city with lots of personality, its kind of similar to Portland Oregon and SF! Let me know if you’d like recommendations for Austin :)

  8. ella fante

    And month long Greece honeymoon doesn’t qualify as getaway? You haven’t worked since may

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