1. My husband and I just went to Fredericksburg while on our 1 year wedding anniversary road trip. We LOVED it! What was your favorite winery? We went to 4 and our favorite was Pedernales. Our favorite wine however was at Hilmy!

    • Laura

      Thanks! It’s from a little boutique in Charlotte and I actually can’t remember the name:( Sorry that’s not much help!

  2. Nikki Burke

    I live here! You really should come back on say a Friday and Saturday to experience more things that were closed. German town with lots of beer and also wineries everywhere!

    By the way I love both your blog and your sisters!

  3. Ahhhhhh id love to check out Fredericksburg sometime! Sounds like a nice romantic getaway:)

    You NEED to go to Austin sometime soon, the food there is out of this world! Not to mention that Its a super neat funky city with lots of personality, its kind of similar to Portland Oregon and SF! Let me know if you’d like recommendations for Austin πŸ™‚

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