1. Karen

    I’m still reading and enjoying your posts! I mentioned previously that I used to live in Dallas so I love seeing the places you are going and the new restaurants and bars that have opened since I left. Since you are craving ethnic food, have you been to Roti Grill for Indian food? I used to get take out from them at least once a week. So good!!

  2. Carla

    I always look forward to your posts! Have fun in NYC!

    And yeah – Downtown Abbey… those writers are VERY annoying. I’m halfway looking forward to it starting again…but wonder how many more people have to die..

  3. Rachel

    Still reading and excited to hear about your NY trip! I’m planning a trip there in December, so I’m hoping you’ll preview some good restaurants and beers for me 😉

  4. Sally

    I’m still reading too – and thoroughly enjoying ‘visiting’ all the places that I hope to see in real life one day (I’ve always wanted to ‘do’ Texas, it’s just such a long way from the UK – it’s definitely pencilled in for our next Big Holiday).

  5. Amy

    still reading and loving hearing about your life in dallas. keep the pictures and stories coming! if you get a chance, try a falafel place in NYC called taim in the west village — they also have the best smoothies ever.

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