1. It looks like you had an amazing trip from beginning to end. And what a way to celebrate your 30th! Traveling is such a blessing and I pray it’s something I always appreciate. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  2. Shannon

    We went to Istanbul and Bodrum after I took the bar exam a couple of years ago. This brought back so many great memories. Except, my recap would have included the epic night we spent on Halikarnas after I found out I passed the bar, haha!

  3. So glad you and Matt had a fabulous time in Bodrum. Some great photos of the boat trip! No trip to Bodrum is complete without at least one day out on the Aegean. Lucky you having the Adorya all to yourselves.

    I’m a blogger that writes and published the Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide website, can I include an excerpt from your blog post and a photo on my blog? I’ll credit you as the source and include a link back to your website. thanks, Jay

  4. A+ for renting the birthday boat. I am a big water fan (not shocking, living in the land of 10,000 lakes) so that looks like an absolutely perfect outing! Also, big fan of that bakery case. Glad y’all got to hit the cake for lunch AND dinner on the special day. 😉

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