1. Caitie

    Hey! Searched your travel page and it wasn’t tagged. What’s the wine region you went to maybe 3-4 months ago? Argentina? Id love details if you could email me! I’m looking for a place for November vacation for my boyfriend and I and your vacation looked amazing and I cannot remember the country!! Thanks! 🙂

    • Laura

      Hi! We were in Mendoza, Argentina. Feel free to email Lauraeyounger @ gmail.com with any questions!

  2. Hi,
    What a lovely time you had. I like how you seem to find good eats where ever you go. That keeps me coming back to your blog. I’m with you on that theme “we need more time”. I spent two years exploring Europe yet there is still so many places I would like to go back to. It was nice reading about your adventures in Nice too.

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