1. Château Troplong Mondot

    Thank you for such nice pictures and wonderful comments. We sincerely hope to welcome you again shortly at our estate and send you our warmest regards. Sincerely, Château Troplong Mondot & Les Belles Perdrix de Troplong Mondot.

  2. Joanna

    I saw that you used to suffer from IBS, which I recently had issues with… My doctor recommended the FODMAP diet- with no dairy or gluten. sounds impossible for me since I only eat fish (no meat). how did you do it? any tips? Thanks.

    • Laura

      I found the FODMAP impossible too so my doctor told me not to worry about it and focus on dairy and gluten – that way I can eat a lot of vegetables, fish/meat, eggs, and gluten free grains. I do avoid some of the FODMAP foods like brussel sprouts, apples and some beans. I’ve just tried to pinpoint which ones are worse for me.

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