1. Eliza

    How does your doctor know that E is “not ready for eggs?” My son had scrambled eggs between 6-8 months and broke out with hives around 8 months. He had a blood test and a skin test and a confirmed egg allergy. Have you had blood work or a skin test done?

    • She’s not sure, she’s just guessing that we may be able to try again after 12 months and E may be just fine. If she’s not, then we will do allergy testing to confirm.

      • Eliza

        Good luck! Egg allergies aren’t terrible, but more of a pain (especially for breakfast!). I’m hopeful my son will grow out of it too. He can tolerate baked eggs (muffins, cakes), but we haven’t moved up to pancakes or eggs yet. He’s 22 months now.

  2. Andrea

    I always feel trapped when I’m at home with my babe. I’m an introvert as well, so it’s hard to motivate myself to get out. But I feel so much better when I do! My baby is 17 months old and STILL wakes up at 5 am sometimes …. like this morning! *sigh*.

  3. Kim


    I am pregnant with my first and have been doing lots of research on baby items and gear. Could you do a post of the gear you got, liked most and thought were helpful/necessary to have? I’m very curious what stroller/car seat combo you are using?


    • We have the uppababy Cruz with the coordinating Mesa car seat and absolutely love it! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  4. Sarah

    I’ve had a few friends whose kids have an egg allergy as babies, then are able to tolerate eggs bakes into muffins etc around 2-3 and then eventually grow out of it all together. Apparently also can help if you are breastfeeding and continue to eat eggs yourself.

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