1. Lindsay

    If you don’t already, you should sign up for theSkimm. Easy news snippets daily to your email. They’re well-written and funny and informative! I’ve never been a big news person, but this helps me stay on top of things. I feel I can at least make intelligent conversation after reading them!

  2. E

    The NYTimes has a podcast called The Daily that is a great, 15 min daily news update, published in the morning! The Skimm can be a bit girlish (it’s geared to women 24-34) and dumbs some stuff down, plus it’s backed by Fox, so I wouldn’t say they have totally neutral coverage.

  3. For Critter’s birthday it was just our families (so this sounds like Ems’). We ordered a cake. My mom made a pan of baked mac and cheese because it was what Critter liked to eat at the time. Order what you/Matt/Em like to eat for the food and call it a day. Oh, and we got some balloons. It is okay for it to be cute but not Pinterest-y.

  4. Laura

    My daughter used to fall asleep in the car on the way home from daycare and rather than risk waking her, I would just carry her infant seat inside and leave her in the laundry room (right ff the garage) with the door shut until she work up. Worked great! That has got to be so hard being on your own during the week! My daughter’s second birthday is in November and rather than doing a traditional cake, I’ve decided to make a doughnut cake as doughnuts are her favorite food!

    • I love the donut cakes and towers I’ve seen! Sadly, there aren’t many gluten-free donuts in the world, and I selfishly want to partake! It’s definitely been tough getting used to being on my own!

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