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So many amazing things to celebrate this year – I couldn’t resist sharing!

Our first vacation as a family of three

Emerson learning to eat solids

Visiting Ojai Valley for a wedding

Our annual beach trip

Making the trek to Maui for our first visit to Hawaii

Kath’s wedding in CVille

Emerson’s first taste of buttercream

A long trip to Bald Head with both families

Moving to Brooklyn

Not pictured low-points: Middle-of-the night feedings and wake-ups for months on end; RSV, HFMD, Croup, and Roseola; Matt traveling all the time; saying goodbye to my life in Dallas; moving prep; breastfeeding biting and weaning; NY winter!

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    January 22, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    Wow. You stil find things to complain about? You truly have no clue how most people live. Such entitlement. Look around you at the people who work very hard…for,people like you. People who do not get fancy vacations, pricey apartments, restaurant meals… clueless.

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