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The Good and The Bad

Posted on Nov 9, 2010 | 8 comments

Howdy blog world,

I had a busy busy day at the ‘ole internship, which left me feeling a little drained this evening. The good news? I don’t have a food allergy!!!!!!! I really didn’t think I had one given that I don’t have any immune-system related symptoms, but I’m still so relieved. I do plan to stay away from scary artificial soy products and soybean oil, but soy lecithin (aka, chocolate) will be back in my life. The bad news is that I still have random stomach aches and spend approximately 60% of my day burping. The doctor continues to suspect lactose intolerance or another food intolerance and recommends trying the elimination again. It’s just sooo hard to avoid cheese:(

No time or energy for a workout today, but I did enjoy dinner and some quality couch time.



This meal was an easy combination of snap peas, asparagus, and shrimp served over my favorite TJ’s mushroom risotto.



Thursday is a holiday so I’m working really late tomorrow night, babysitting for Jon while his parents go to a concert. Does anyone else feel like the weeks are getting longer as we get closer to Thanksgiving? I hope all of you guys are doing well – I really do love reading your comments each day:)
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The Fun Begins

Posted on Oct 23, 2010 | 3 comments

They’re here! My apt is all clean and ready for guests…


and the guests came bearing gifts! These are cupcakes (that obviously got damaged in transport) from Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda!!! They were all delish, but the red velvet with purple icing was my fav. I’m assuming the ganache frosting may have had soy lecithin in it, but I made an exception, and had no adverse reactions [yet]!!!


We popped open a bottle of wine from my small collection to enjoy while everyone got ready. I sipped on two glasses of this wine, which was tasty, but not anything noteworthy.

And then we made our way to City Table for dinner! T’was very chilly last night. Love these girls:)

I’ve been really into Malbecs lately, so I ordered one when we arrived.

The table spit a yummy order of fondue with pears, apples, and bread for dipping.

Matt and I spit a couple of things for dinner. First, this delightful fig, grapefruit and spanish cheese salad:

Next,  pumpkin pouches with pecans and a brown butter sauce. It was more like a dessert than a dinner item.  This one was my favorite.


And finally, steak tacos! The meat was perfectly cooked, making for a fun flavor combo.
After dinner we headed to the Top of the Hub in the Prudential building for cocktails, live jazz, and of course, the view. Matt and I split a pumpkin spice martini complete with whipped cream.

Today, we’re planning on doing a little bit of site seeing/shopping and another friend is arriving for the party tonight!!! I’ll also be doing some serious prep in the kitchen this afternoon. Have a good Saturday:)
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Buttercream Beauty

Posted on Oct 19, 2010 | 11 comments

Yesterday was delightful. The other intern and practicum students at work were kind enough to bring in lots of treats in celebration of my birthday (and the other fall birthdays at work). I didn’t try everything (because of soy lecithin), but these pumpkin cookies (made by Lauren) were awesome and almost cake-like.


I also had some homemade apple crisp made with apples picked over the weekend!


I felt a little lost after work because I didn’t know if I should pretend it was a normal day and go to the gym, or just go home and lounge around until dinner time. I ended up going to the gym. Seventeen minutes into my time on the elliptical I realized that I really should be reading blogs and eating apricots on my couch, so I left at that very moment.

It felt like forever before Matt finally arrived home to take me out!


On our way to the restaurant, we made a pit-stop for one of my absolute favorite things in life:


I had the Troegs Java Head, a sweet and surprisingly thin coffee stout that went down like water.

IMG_1574.JPG IMG_1571.JPG

Then we made our way to our dinner destination – Oleana is an intimate mediterranean restaurant in Inman Square in Cambridge, and let me tell you, it is an absolute GEM.


This bread alone would have satisfied me. This focaccia was perfect, especially dipped in the spiced olive oil it came with. I also had a tasty glass of mysterious red wine. The waiter recommended it and I’d never heard of the style before, so I cannot remember what it was.


We ordered the whipped feta with sweet and hot peppers to start.  Bliss.


My entrée was totally unique: roasted halibut & brussels spouts with pomegranate, green olive, walnut, and lentils. Loved that the portion was large and came in a deep bowl. Delish.


I have to admit, I liked Matt’s meal even more than mine. He was generous with bites though:) This was the Azuluna Pork Saganaki with potato, leeks, chanterrelles, wild green herbs, and kasseri cheese. Basically, that means incredible shredded pork, seasoned to perfection, and covered with thick, salty, cheese.

The whole meal was awesome and quite romantic. Now I’m really in the mood to visit the Mediterranean!

But the highlight of the night was waiting at home. Isn’t she a beauty?


When people in my family order cakes, we say, “could you just put whatever decoration will result in the most icing on top of the cake?”



This cake is the definition of close-your-eyes delicious.


I went back for a second piece and then was so full I couldn’t move, but it was ok because I put on pajama pants and went straight to bed with a smile.  Afterall, I was born to eat cake.

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Cubano in Chapel Hill

Posted on Oct 11, 2010 | 3 comments

After church and visiting with a college friend (!), Matt and I drove over to Chapel Hill for lunch. We went to one of my favorite sandwich places, Foster’s Market. Chapel Hill just has so many cute restaurants!


I got an incredible Cuban, which was massive and meaty. I had to hand some of it over to Matt, who was very appreciative.



  Look what we found at Weaver Street Market…soy-free chocolate!!!! I broke right into this caramel crunch chocolate bar and it tasted amazing. I’m not actually a huge chocolate person, but I think I’ve been craving it just because I haven’t been able to have it.



  We headed over to Tar Heel territory for a beer and some football. This was a Big Boss autumn ale and it was quite spicy. One of the best parts about going home is drinking local beers that I haven’t tried before. And, the fact that this beer was only $4 was pretty awesome too.



  I found this depiction of Coach K humorous…I mean he is a blue devil so it’s not too far from the truth…



  We returned to find a home-cooked meal complete with organic wine!



  One of my childhood favorites: bbq chicken and rice with beer bread!



  This dinner tasted soo good! Unfortunately, I was curled up in bed with a horrific stomach ache 30 minutes after finishing. My mom didn’t question her made-from-scratch sauce and we figured out there was soy in it (in the form of worcestershire sauce). I’m wondering if that was the culprit? Regardless, I spent about 3 hours writhing in pain before I finally fell asleep – not how I wanted to spend my last night at home. I had to get up at 5:45 this morning to pack and get to the airport:(


  Despite the ending, it was an awesome day. When I get back to Boston, I plan on grocery shopping, exercising, and maybe working on a report. Happy Columbus day!

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Drowning in Squash

Posted on Oct 4, 2010 | 12 comments

Sundays have become my baking day! I made a really simple apple crisp with oatmeal, brown sugar, butter, and flower because tomorrow is one of my supervisor’s birthdays. I love baking, but let’s be honest, I don’t do it often because I have no self-control around desserts; although, this whole no soy thing has actually required quite a bit of self-control, especially around chocolate. If you ever see soy-free chocolate chips, I beg you, mail them to me!


I gave the apples a coating of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg and layered them in between the crust.




I also went to spinning at noon, hemmed three more pairs of pants, and handled a very large butternut squash. You see, Trader Joes prices a lot of their produce based on quantity and not on weight, so when I got to the register with one of the smaller squashes, the cashier felt quite strongly that I needed to choose a bigger one because, regardless of the size, they were all $1.99. So, with mild hesitation, I went back and got the largest one I could find and didn’t look back. Now I have way too much squash. I only needed a little bit for one recipe. I contemplated making risotto with the rest, but I just had it on Saturday, and didn’t want something similar, so I ended up making mashed squash for later in the week.


But, I still had way too much squash.


So, I did what any girl would do with too much mashed squash…I made black bean, butternut, and goat cheese quesadillas.


This was one of the fattest quesadillas I’ve made at home. You should have seen Matt’s…he could barely flip it because it was so thick.  Squash was pouring out the sides.


The goat cheese was absolutely essential in this and, I have to say, for a last-minute meal this was quite good.


And because I knew Matt and I wouldn’t be able to bear to stare at the apple crisp I made for my supervisor and not try any, I made a teeny tiny little bit in a separate pan to enjoy with the last of the butter pecan ice cream. Matt declared this the best dessert he’s had in a while (he’s into apple desserts), so I might just make it again.

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend. Ta-ta.
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