1. Kori

    Your dinner and dessert look really delicious! I’m sorry to hear that your job is bringing you down sometimes, but it’ll get better! πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

  2. Sarah

    So sorry that your job is getting you down. I have to tell you that I was stuck in a similar rut a few years ago, and always felt like I was missing out on my life. I realized that I wasn’t cut out for a desk job, and that I really missed being with kids. Long story short, I went back for my masters and am now a teacher. My days FLY by and I love going to work. Definitely not missing out on my life, and I know that I am doing what I am meant to be doing. So, not that teaching is right for you, but I do think it is a matter of finding the RIGHT job. You may have a random bad day, but you’ll never feel like you are missing out on life. So, not like I know anything, but maybe you need to broaden your idea of a career to include non office jobs?

    • Laura

      Thanks for the note:) I kind of tried that by getting my degree in school psychology, which involved interaction with kids all day. Unfotunately, it wasn’t for me, so I’m back to square one…gotta bring in the money while I figure out what’s next. But I hope my story ends up like yours!

      • I 150% agree w the above commentor here! I have been in the same situation since finishing grad school, and it’s caused a LOT of reflecting on my end. I’m starting a new position soon, but am still not convinced that it won’t be more of the same (sitting in an office 90% of the time which I don’t feel I’m cut out for), so I’m actually considering going BACK to school for a degree in school counseling.. It’ll all come together eventually, for us both. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been following along since you started your blog and don’t know why I haven’t commented more… or ever? Anyways, I feel the exact same way as you. I’m 26 years old, work a desk job and feel like the whole world is passing me by. I’m grumpy and depressed ever since I started working in my cubicle, but I just do not know what I want to do with my life. Starting my own business is key, but I just don’t know what kind of business it would be. I’m thinking about going back to school as well to at the very least expand my education while giving me a chance to breathe and think outside the confines of a cubicle.

    Let me know if you find the answer!! I’m unraveling at the seams rather quickly. Just know you are not alone! πŸ™‚

  4. Chickie

    Hi. I really like your blog- it’s real and not sugar-coated, like most out there today. I think what resonates is that you’re vulnerable, which makes us all relate. I’ve been in the same situation as you. Trust me, you can make your own business, and never have to be a minion of 9-5 again. If that isn’t an option, maybe go into real estate, work at a craft beer company. Thank you for sharing everything.

  5. Hilary

    duke chapel is so beautiful! I had no idea!!!

    The lentil sliders are my fave thing to get at the federal. I also got some kind of yummy soup the last time I was there. I can’t remember what!

  6. Andrew Kayes

    How did you get to go to the top of the chapel? I graduated from Duke in 1995, and I have always wanted to go to the top of the chapel, but I thought it was off limits. I now live in Hawaii and one of my main regrets from leaving Duke is never making it to the top of the chapel. I am visiting Durham in February 2012. Is there anyway to reserve a Chapel Climb? I would make a good donation to do so.

    • Laura


      I think they only allow private groups to climb the chapel. I believe someone in my office reached out to the chapel coordinator to arrange it, so you could try contacting her – her contact information is on the chapel website. Good luck!!

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