1. Sorry to hear about your bad monday! I’m sure you can get some wood finish to fix that table with, and then it won’t be so noticeable!

  2. Aw that is such a bummer:( I totally did that to my moms brand new coffee table when I was sixteen! Maybe a good time to practice wood refinishing?

  3. Oh, horror. I live in fear of doing that sort of situation with the acetone. Like I think we’re all living on borrowed time where that’s concerned, really.

  4. Miranda

    My housemate did that to our coffee table! Luckily ours wasn’t really new, so it didn’t matter and we just say it gives the table ‘character’. Maybe it could be a fun project to sand down your table and re-varnish??

  5. Oh you have nothing on me…. last year I wanted to paint the guest bedroom and my husband did not. He said that we couldn’t hire someone to do it. So, I decided to do it myself. …And proceeded to fall off the ladder and spill YELLOW PAINT all over the guest bedroom carpet (and myself). It was a disaster. That was a hard one to explain when he came home. But he forgave me and we covered up the spill with a rug. I feel your pain!

  6. Gahhh, the downfall about getting my nails done at the salon is spending all the $$$ but the perk I guess is not having the opportunity to spill nail polish… Sorry about your table- I bet someone out there has pinned a suggestion on Pinterest on making a homemade wood varnish, worth a look! Hope your Tuesday has gotten off to a better start 🙂

  7. That stain will probably fade! My fiance spilled rubbing alcohol all over our table (and then our wood floors a couple of months later too, argh!!) and eventually the spots faded and you can hardly even see them now. We wiped the spots with water regularly, but I don’t know if that helped or if they would have faded anyway!

  8. Ugh, my best friend did that to her coffee table – such a bummer! I am TERRIFIED of that happening, so I only use nail polish remover in the bathroom. And I paint my nails with a magazine under my hands/feet and the bottle of polish.

    Hope your Tuesday is better!

  9. Try Old English Furniture Polish- it works really well on scratches and restoring finishes in old furniture, so maybe it will work! It’s worth a shot!

  10. Total bummer about the table. I did something similar in that when we were at a friend’s house for a fondue party I spilled the fondue fuel all over their table and it also took the finish off. :S They were really gracious and totally accommodating. On a happier note, that French bread pizza looks great! I’ve never had pizza on French bread. Kind of like bruschetta, but not. 🙂

  11. Hello Laura!!! I love your blog and always read it, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented on any of your posts…so here’s my first one 😀

    I get so frustrated at myself when stuff like that happen!! Totally mad, I am unable to focus on anything and usually turn to a tub of ice cream 😛 But what is this chocolate covered egg that you talk about? Sounds interesting 🙂

  12. Susan

    That’s definitely a stinker about your table. I have seen that if you rub a walnut over scratches/marks on wood that the oil from the nut fixes/repairs the scratches/marks. May or may not work in your case, but worth a try. You could always strip it, prime it, paint it, and antique it to look like cottage/beach furniture or you may even try this link:

    Good luck!

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