1. I’m a third year pharmacy student – drop the D part of the Allegra – thats definitely whats making you jittery! Grab a package of the Allegra with only fexofendadine, not fexofendadine + pseudophedrine. Did the Doc specifically recommend the pseudophedrine? If its just allergies all you should try first is the fexofenadine.

    • Agreed. I take regular allgera (without the “D”) and it is the only allergy med that I can tolerate. I take it right before I go to sleep every night.

    • Stephanie C

      Agree – I only take allergy meds with D if I’m super congested.. feeling on the verge of a sinus infection. I used to swear by Allegra, until it just stopped working for me (I took it a good 8ish years), and now I swear by Zyrtec. If you’ve got a costco membership, they have an amazing deal on Zyrtec right now.

    • I was about to suggest the same thing – the decongestant makes me jittery, but I take the regular Allegra daily with no issues! Plus, I prefer keeping my meds separate so I’m just taking what I need (e.g., I only need a decongestant sometimes, but need the allergy relief every day).

    • Laura

      Thanks! My Dr. had told me to take the D just because my only symptom was congestion and sinus pressure. I think this may be a case of misdiagnosis…

  2. Caitlin Restivo

    Allegra gave me the same reaction as well. I am also a devoted Zyrtec user and find it is the only thing that works for me.

  3. Hi Laura!

    Drug-drug interactions are very common in allergy medications, so if you are taking any other meds, you could go through that with your doctor. Even if that isn’t the cause of your nausea, it would still be a good idea to talk to your doctor so you can find something more suitable for you! Good luck 😉

    • Laura

      I’m not on any other drugs, but probably a good idea to talk to my Dr. about something better. Thanks for the advice:)

  4. Miranda

    Have you ever tried a neti-pot Laura? I’ve never used one before (I don’t get allergies, or congestion) but I have friends who SWEAR by them. I think you just have to be really careful about how often you use them from what I can see. Also, when I had colds, my Dad used to prescribe me nasal spray to clear my sinuses and it was amazing how I just instantly would feel human… so you could potentially look into one of those? Good luck and hope you sort it out – that would be awful, feeling sick all the time.

    • Laura

      I’ve been meaning to try one, but it does make me a little nervous… I actually do have the nasal spray, but it doesn’t make me feel any different, which is why I sometimes question if I have allergies.

  5. Zyrtec is awesome! It is so effective for me, that I can tell exactly when the 24 hours is up. For me, the key is taking it regularly and on time.

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