Thoughts from a Thursday

Life Ramblings

I just saw my first falling star in years!


I enjoy a good liquor-filled chocolate, but this one was super strong. I had to pour some of the brandy out of the middle. Don’t tell.

I discussed the Christmas menu with my parents tonight and got super excited – one week and one day to go!

How about the weather lately. I LOVE the south!!!

I can’t even remember life before goat cheese.


Date night tomorrow. Woo hoo.

  • Sarah
    December 15, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Can I ask you a question? I’m in my second year in a graduate school psychology program. Next year will be my internship, but I am nowonly in the beginning of the process of researching sites and sending out my cv. Now my friends are now playing this big vacation in October and need to now whether I can go. Just wondering, did you get days off or sick days in your internship? I know it’s terribly unprofessional to try to take days off so early on and during a point that’s a culimintation of your learning process. Im just wondering if its possible? Obviously my internship is more important to me than a vacation.

    Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

    • Laura
      December 17, 2012 at 8:43 am

      I only took two days off during my internship (plus 2 sick days) for a wedding and to travel home at Christmas. My supervisor was fine with it, but I did feel a little weird asking, and the other interns didn’t even ask for any days off! I think it really depends on your district, but I think more than a few days of vacation might be frowned upon. Hope that helps!