1. Lindsay

    Any tips on bringing wine back in a suitcase from a trip? I’m headed to Italy next week and am sure we’ll want to being plenty home!

    • Laura

      No:( we had ours shipped but I’ve heard you can buy a box and pack it with tons of bubble wrap and then check the box as a piece of luggage. Or buy a small wine bag but they don’t hold many bottles. Have fun!

  2. Chantal

    I am moving to the Durham/Chapel Hill area from the Pacific Northwest. I’m a little concerned about finding nice hikes in my new location. Do you have any recommendations from when you were in that area? Any insight you have would be great! Thanks!

    • Laura

      There are some nice short trails at Eno River State park right in Durham and then there’s Jordan Lake, Neuse River Trail, and Umstead Park. Of course the mountains aren’t too far either and there’s great hiking there! Def. go to Asheville!

  3. I’m not great at getting a sense of scale, but it looks like southern restaurants really give you your money’s worth in terms of portion size!

  4. I didn’t get past that spicy margarita. I definitely have to try one, sadly here in Canada, it’s ALWAYS just the sweet fruit ones, so I’ll have to make it myself.

  5. Danielle

    Yeah… i feel similarly about barre classes. I love them but monthly memberships in the dc area are $200-225 and I don’t think that could be my only form of workout, so add a gym membership at $80/month, too. Health is very important, but that’s pretty pricey!

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