1. You’ll be a great mom, and Matt will be a great dad. Baby has four grandparents ready and waiting! A certain grandson has sharpened my skills, and I’m up on the latest toys. Playing is my middle name.

    And as you well know, I boast an excellent collection of bathtub ducks. Quack! Quack!

  2. Kate

    Congrats to you and Matt! Such an exciting time, I am currently 25 weeks with my first so I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy! Enjoy this special time.

  3. Clifford Younger

    Oh you forgot the punchline to one of my fav BBall jokes:

    “Ah Springtime! Flowers blossoming, birds chirping … Tarheels choking!”

    And this springtime? Well the score was 77 – 74 Villanova.

    But BBall scores and games pale against Pear in the Pod announcements — very excited!

  4. Oh, congratulations! What happy news for you both! Enjoy this time – it is so cool to feel little one bat about in there (and to eat all the things).

  5. Bee

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for you guys!! I’m currently expecting my second baby (a few months ahead of you though 🙂 and I love reading about pregnancy. Will you find out (and share) whether it’s a boy or girl?

  6. Jordan Fellows

    Congratulations!!! I am 18 weeks tomorrow too! Such an exciting time. Looking forward to reading more about your experience!

  7. Hillary

    Oh Laura! I’m thrilled for you!!! I cannot wait to hear more about your pregnancy 🙂

    I’ve been reading since you were in Boston while I was finishing up undergrad at neu. I’ve always loved how real you are and watching your life develop. Thank you for being you and so open. It’s refreshing in a blog world of sponsored posts, constant products shoved in your face, and the like. You’re just you! Don’t Change!

  8. Megan

    Had you in my reader for years but not sure I’ve ever commented, just wanted to chime in and say congratulations! Had my first last year, a wild ride for sure:)

  9. Maggie

    Oh, hooray. May the next few months be wonderful for you and Matt as you experience this first pregnancy. Absolutely best of luck!

  10. Abby

    Congrats! I just had my first and she is almost 6 months. So cliche to say but enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and baby days. They are an amazing blur.

  11. claudia

    long time reader and first time commenter! congrats!!! also, where’d you get your shoes with your lovely floral dress???

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