1. Allyson

    Wow – beautiful. I love your food photos; they are not photoshopped and they look great:)

  2. Holly

    Your honeymoon looks amazing! I am impressed by all of your outfits, you look so put together in all of your pictures! Do you have any packing/planning tips that helped you be comfortable and stylish?

    • Laura

      Thanks:) I just made sure I had layers so weather wouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, I totally overpacked and brought like 15 dresses – most were lightweight, and I rolled everything so they didn’t take up much room. We also did laundry half way through the trip, so we didn’t have to pack as much.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi Laura! Your pictures look fantastic, and I know it’s mostly talent, but what camera do you use if you don’t mind sharing? Sorry if you’ve addressed this before on the blog, but I’d really like to know. Thanks!

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