As a girl, I often thought about becoming a travel agent. I find searching for hotels invigorating. I love putting together itineraries. I’m obsessed with researching local restaurants. And I become inspired when I explore new places. I’m addicted to travel!! I’ve been lucky enough to visit to some incredible places with my parents, and now, I’m slowly able to take some vacations of my own. Below is a summary of my favorite trips. I hope these posts will give you ideas for your own travels as well as provide some hotel and restaurant ideas. Please email me if you have any questions, as I love any excuse to talk about travel.

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Scenes from the Honeymoon: Mykonos, Santorini, Amalfi, Cruising Part I, II

Honeymoon Planning: Greece, Cruise, Amalfi Coast and Venice

Bald Head Island, NC: Part I, II

Quebec City, Canada: Part I, II, III

Scottsdale + Sedona, AZ: Part I, II, III, IV, V

Santa Fe, NM: Part I, II

Boston, MA: Best of Boston

The Berkshires (Lenox, MA): Part I

Nantucket, MA: Part I, II

Portland, ME: Part I,

San Francisco, CA: NASP: Part I, II, III, IV; Foodbuzz: Part I, II, III

Newport, RI: Part I

New Orleans, LA: Part I, II

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Part I